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Hey guys.

Thanks for the great questions, let me help you out.

@Charlie93 and @Yugocean Most Faucets we show you are available worldwide, the country mentioned in the description and the faucet list shows just where the owner of the Faucet is located, as Mtaleben already mentioned. That helps you to decide which Faucet to use and it also changes our rating a bit, because it changes the legitimacy of a Faucet. For example, a Faucet from germany is safer to use than one from Brazil, because it’s way easier to sue the owner, if he is located in Germany.

@Mtaleben If you create your own Faucet, feel free to send me a link. We will check it and present it to our users, but only if it is either really good or really popular. We really want to only include the best Faucets and there are countless small faucets, that just sucks. But if you make a Faucet and it’s really good, I will gladly include it in Best-Faucets. Just send me the link in a message here and I will review your Faucet.