Best Personal Search Engine – Spectate Swamp Desktop Search

The LATEST function is the Spectator View amplifier.
Like a wildly vibrating progress bar.
And it works.

Here's what the function does …
Start playing the video after 63,960 seconds and play for 1/30 seconds
Restart video after 63,965 seconds and pause for another 1/30 second
Start video playback at 63.970 seconds for another 1/30 seconds …
for 4 or 5 more times.

They will only see things that were more difficult before. The repetition repeats let things see.
It is the last image that remains the longest and is visible as the view enhancer progresses.

I'm still testing with our strange videos …
It will not be hard to make it too fast.
instead of skipping 0.005 seconds, skip 3000 seconds, and play 1/30 (twice)

If you can play the same segment multiple times, it will ensure that you see the video clip even if other tasks are loading the CPU.

What an incredible feature …..