best practice – In breadcrumbs, how to name a selected entry with no clear name?

Imagine a breadcrumb like this:

Example: Projects > "My Project" > Accounts > "Hans Muster" > Details

(If we omit “Details” (the current location) or not, is irrelevant.)

These breadcrumbs include three static locations (Projects, Accounts and Details) and two ‘named’ locations ("My Project", "Hans Muster"). Everything is fine so far, the breadcrumbs are pretty clear.

But what is the best approach, when such a ‘named location’ doesn’t have a clear name?

Projects > "My Project" > Logs > (Selected Log Entry) > Details

Now, this is a bad example because Logs tend to have a clear date & time, so you could argue to use the timestamp as the name. I only used “Logs” as a clear example of something to bring my problem across. Imagine that there is no way to label the entry, at all – no date, no ID, just a bunch of numbers that would be meaningless out of context.

How does one best deal with this situation? What would be the best “Placeholder” for such unnamed entries?

Currently, I decided to just go with Selection since it’s neutral enough and would even work for multiple selections if that ever becomes necessary, but I’m not entirely satisfied with that approach.

Example: Project > "My Project" > Logs > Selection > Details

Besides just changing the label “Selection” to something else, like “Selected Entry” or whatever; are there any other approaches? What are the best practices here? If ‘Selection’ is just fine as solution, would there be a better word for a placeholder?