big sur – Big Sur update changed Home/Documents folder behavior with Dropbox

I have used Dropbox for 8+ years. I used symbolic links to map the Mac home folders to Dropbox until that would not work (about 1.5 years ago). So came up with the following process to move home folders to a Dropbox backup folder and then link those folder so the mac home folder; then make the links permanent It has worked just fine until Big Sur WRT documents folder. I could sudo mv all folders to a backup folder in Dropbox. But when I made the symbolic links ln -s for the Mac home folder, the Documents folder in the Home directory will not disappear. The ln -s command generates no response nor an error message.

I have turned off system integrity protection to no avail.

It is most frustrating, as I had a process that worked perfectly for back up and replication between machines that has stopped working b/c of some undocumented behavior.

Is there anyone who has some insight that can lead me forward?