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In order to get a stable income from online investments, you can choose quite an extensive number of areas. But not every kind of commercial activities will be able to satisfy a variety of factors that are just different good and reliable passive income from risky and questionable online transactions. Binary 101 Ltd has chosen to create a solid Foundation for its own business investment in the entertainment sector. Namely: Binary 101 Ltd invests in various areas of the money industry, popular at one time or another. Binary 101 Ltd is able to precisely and shrewdly choose moneys in preparation and guaranteed to make a profit for 10 years, stable and reliable providing profit to its business partners. Some time ago by management the company decided to open an online resource for expansion investment opportunities of both the company and people who due to a variety of objective reasons can not invest online in large projects on their own.

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1.1% for 96 HOURS
Min-Max: $1 – $100000
Net profit: 105.6%
Accrual every Hour: 1.1%

1.52% for 72 hours
Min-Max: $250 – $100000
Net profit: 9.4%
Accrual every Hour: 1.52%

2.25% for 48 hours
Min-Max: $500 – $100000
Net profit: 8%
Accrual every Hour: 2.25%

4.58% for 24 hours
Min-Max: $1000 – $100000
Net profit: 9.92%
Accrual every Hour: 4.58%

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