binary – Can possiblity of hash collision be “zero” when we hash same file in different formats?

Let’s say I have a file A, which is any normal file (pdf, jpeg, mp3 etc.)

Now I get the binary dump of file, say another file B{A}.

And the hexdump of file say, file H{A}.

Now I hash all the three files with any 256 bit HASH (SHA256, BLAKE256 etc.)

I want to know that :

1. What is the possiblity of hash collision in this case (Considering if somehow I find a collison in case of file A, I still can generate the hex and binary dump of that file to see if hashes of B{A} and H{A} matches or not).

2. Will it still be 1/256* 256* 256? Or

3. Will there be 0 collision ? (Considering collision between exactly same size of files)