bind – update of bind9 nsupdate failed: NOTAUTH

This is my named.conf.local

zone "domain.ext" {
     type master;
     file "/etc/bind/zones/domain.ext.db";
     allow-update {localhost;};

And the domain.ext.db file:

; BIND data file for domain.ext
$TTL    3h
@       IN      SOA     ns1.dmian.ext. email.domain.ext. (
                          1        ; Serial
                          3h       ; Refresh after 3 hours
                          1h       ; Retry after 1 hour
                          1w       ; Expire after 1 week
                          1h )     ; Negative caching TTL of 1 day
@       IN      NS      ns1.domain.ext.
@       IN      NS      ns2.domain.ext.

domain.ext.    IN      MX      10      mail.domain.ext.
domain.ext.    IN      A
ns1                     IN      A
ns2                     IN      A
www                     IN      CNAME   domain.ext.
mail                    IN      A
ftp                     IN      CNAME   domain.ext.
api.domain.ext. IN       A

Command nsupdate fails:


> update add ss.domain.ext 1 A
> send
> update add ss.domain.ext. 1 A
> send

in both directions appears: update failed: NOTAUTH
I do not want to use keys. I just need an update from the local.