bitcoin cli – Why is the decription of listreceivedbyaddress misleading and contradictory to what says its name?

From bitcoin-cli --testnet help listreceivedbyaddress:

listreceivedbyaddress ( minconf include_empty include_watchonly “address_filter” )

List balances by receiving address.

The issue is that listreceivedbyaddress does not do this, though it actually does what its name suggests.

Let’s take a look at this address.

listreceivedbyaddress shows what corressponds to Total received and not Balance.
One can easily verify it by importing the address, bitcoin-cli --testnet importaddress tb1qf9p5mrl2mf4ulae257ewj2rns6hsu2y4p8j0q2,
to their wallet.
Am I missing something or is it a bug?