bitcoin core – Very slow sync on low end PC – what to upgrade?

(Hi, I have to re-ask this question because I cannot recover my account from the last one. Sorry about that.)

I am a newbie to bitcoin. I am trying to sync a full node on my low end PC: 2g RAM, dual-core 2ghz, 250 gb regular HDD. Fresh install Linux. It is in pruned mode. The internet connection tests at 5mb download/1mb upload speed. The initial 15% synced in a few days but now the process is fluctuating wildly around 2-7 weeks. It’s been on for a month & is only at 35% right now…Suffice to say it is very slow.

My main questions are: how much will adding some RAM improve the syncing speed? And will adding new RAM reset the blockchain download? Also, I have heard repeatedly that using a SSD HD will help. Is there a way to carry over my present 35% progress onto the SSD, or do I have to re-start the process?

I have already adjusted these settings: dbcach=900, banscore=10, listen=0, server=1 (upnp=0 also shows up on the bitcoin core gui/options, but not in the config file.). I don’t really understand what these settings do, I am just going off recommendations. so hopefully they are good(?).

I am worried that putting in the RAM will “reset” the blockchain download and I will have to start syncing from 0% again. This already happened to me when I was tinkering with the dbcache setting – Which I will have to do again in order to take advantage of any new RAM(right?).

Anyway I hope that was a coherent. Any response is very appreciated. 🙂