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Our main objective is to make fairly efficient investments in order to achieve excellent results and to give our users what we have promised. Since 2013 we have specialized in the trading of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

We are building a mining center for these cryptocurrencies. For this we use a small part of your invested capital to buy the necessary machines. We belong to mining pools and have a large hash performance that we have been working hard since 2013.

In addition, we are also dedicated to the creations of Master Nodes and the use of cryptocurrency, which are not very well known, but have a high impulse


1.45% hourly for 72 hours – yield 104.4%
1.60% hourly for 72 hours – return 115.2%
1.80% hourly for 72 hours – return 129.6%
2.00% hourly for 72 hours – return 144%


Perfect money

minimum deposit

0.0005 BTC ~ 1.7 $

Minimum Redemption

~ $ 0.10

Transfer System

5% – 3% – 1%


Bonus for the registration: 0.0005BTC

My first deposit:

03:48 07.02.19 Sent payment 20.00 USD to account U12687619. Note: shopping cart payment. Payment ID: 4

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