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Only 0.01BTC for the Spin Game program!


Lucky win 8% or 16% or 24%

Get to know the concept of the system and this is the engine to get and collect Bitcoin in a very short time.


1 day 8% + returned capital

8 days 16% + returned capital

16 days 24% + returned capital


day 1

A. Spin Get No.2

B. Spin Get No.5

C. Spin Get No.8

Then day 1 winner is member C

8% reward + capital

Day 8

A. Spin Get No.7

B. Spin Get No.5

Then the winner of the 8th day member is A 16% Reward + Capital

Day 16

Then the 16th day winner is Member B

24% reward + capital

A round is limited to three usernames that come from each global membership join. for turning between 3 usernames in determining who receives a return on investment and a gain of 8% (at that time) 16% (8 days) and 24% (16 days).

Sun Plan 3 bonus level:
Lev. 1 = 5%
Lev. 2 = 3%
Lev. 3 = 2%

Do not think much about absorbing this momentum right away

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