blender – Unity – FBX Materials Import as Gray

I’m attempting to import an FBX model from Blender into Unity, but the materials’ textures aren’t coming with it. I’ve made sure to name all my materials the same as the associated texture files and I’ve tried having the texture files in all sorts of locations, such as in the same folder as the .fbx or in a “Textures” folder.

I’ve tried importing the textures separately, the body texture goes onto the material correctly but with no transparency and the eye texture doesn’t show up at all.

I’ve seen that some people’s solution was the “Extract Textures…” button under Materials, but it’s grayed out for me.

Here's a picture of the model in Blender.

Here's how it imports into Unity.

Assets after importing the model.

This happens when I manually import my textures via "Import New Asset..."

Assets after importing textures.

Blender export settings.