blockchain – About creating Crypto with Making Supercomputer from Separate user’s CPU

I have one idea about creating another Money like bitcoin which be more effective.

That is about creating :
One Electronic money with half or more calculation used for creating CPU needs for intelligence artificial project.

This is working like The kaggle or Google Colaboratory free servers for running the Artificial intelligence codes and …

There are some method for creating personal crypto like bitcoin which described via internet (search link);
enter image description here

In This purpose, Their algorithm must be changed for reducing their CPU Usage and Getting some Permission from The Users (android app users or …) to have their CPU for AI Calculations.

Also, There are some project for making Big Supercomputers with the small CPUs (home PCs or …) which has been described here:
enter image description here

Folding@Home Now More Powerful Than World’s Top 7 Supercomputers, Combined

So if these two Technologies being used it could create Big Supercomputer which could be used some partly for crypto mining (like Ethereum or …) and others part for AI CPU Project (like Folding@Home)

So if possible, I have asked here for having some comment for building the personal Crypto Android application and the part of folding the separate CPUs to make a supercomputer.