blockchain – Bitcoin BTC wallet receive addresses

It is possible with json-rpc interface and one-time script.

  1. Enable json-rpc port by changing bitcoin.conf used by your Bitcoin Core (usually ~/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf).

  1. Start bitcoind/bitcoin core.

  2. Unlock your wallet using RPC walletpassphrase with timeout parameter like 600 or greater.

  3. Obtain new address using RPC getnewaddress. This function creates new receive address under the same account(~wallet).

  4. Write the returned string into the TXT file with appending to the existing list of addresses.

This is to be done via simple python script and for i in range(0, 500): loop.

Use library such as python-bitcoinrpc to easily connect to your json-rpc.

Funds send to any of these addresses you’ve generated and saved to a TXT file joined to the available wallet balance and will be available to spend in a transaction from the interface.