– “Needed Turnover” / “Missing Turnover” – How to get my money out?

What you describe is absolutely typical of what happens when someone inexperienced or relatively new to Bitcoin gets tricked by criminal confidence tricksters.

The victim is often contacted by someone offering to help them invest money in Bitcoin and earn large profits in a few days or weeks.

The victim sends money to be invested in Bitcoin, but the criminal may claim not to have received them. The criminal may blame the victim for using the wrong address and tell them it can be sorted out by creating a new wallet and paying in more money. The criminal guides the victim in creating new wallets in such a way that the criminal has the real control, not the victim.

Then the criminal extracts more money by claiming that extra fees are required. The criminal invents various reasons why the fees are required. throwing in words like turnover or miner or release is typical.

There are variations where someone gets confused by some Bitcoin problems and posts messages on social media asking for help. They then receive private messages (PMs, email etc) from criminals offering help. The criminals gain the confidence of the victim and go on to trick them out of more money.

How to get my money out?

Once you have given your money to criminal confidence tricksters there is no way you or anyone else can get your money back.

You can report the fraud to your local police. They are very unlikely to be able to help retrieve money but it is probably best that they know the extent of such crime. Does anyone have dealings with these people?

The domain name was created last November and doesn’t have a website. That doesn’t make me feel they are trustworthy.

A quick web-search shows that email-address,, mentioned by other people being tricked out of money in the same way.

You are much better off getting help in a public forum (like this one) – don’t reply to direct private messages offering help – they are almost all from criminals wanting to trick you.

I am told I have to activate to wallet that has my coins in

Lies, typical of criminal scammers and confidence-tricksters.

but it has come back and said there is a turnover 2.2 bitcoins with is almost 20 gran. I am being to put out the 20 gran and I would have my money out in 20 min.

Typical nonsense used by criminals to confuse and panic their victims.

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