blockchain – Is Ethereum a scam/vaporware, or a real thing? Where is the actual software?

I’m asking here only because the “Ethereum” category is completely dead. Nobody replies to anything I ask there, just like it’s impossible to get any answers from the responsible people for any Ethereum project.

I already am very familiar with Bitcoin, and I have Bitcoin Core installed on my machine and I use it as often as I’m given the opportunity to do so. I even have integrated it into my automated system and can automate payments/receiving Bitcoin. Now I want to take advantage of this Ethereum thing in a similar manner.

However, for quite some time now, I’ve been browsing the maze of links that is the official website. I’ve asked questions. I’ve searched. I’ve looked through numerous other websites which mention “Ethereum” but don’t say what exactly they are about; they just use a ton of extremely buzzwordy and airy words and want me to download some executable on my machine, which of course I’ve not done. (For privacy reasons, and because it angers me that they are so unclear about what exactly it is.)

This is infuriating beyond words. I truly feel at this point as if Ethereum is some kind of joke/scam/vaporware. An opportunity for a bunch of entities to make people who don’t understand any of this to download and run their spyware/malware.

Look at this:

I’ve looked through all of those alleged “wallets”. None of them are an actual application that you can download to your desktop computer. It’s either an “app” for surveillance units (who in their right mind would use such a thing if they value their privacy enough to know about cryptocurrencies?), or hardware devices. No actual software.

Unless I’ve gone crazy/blind, Ethereum seems like the definition of vaporware to me. All big claims and fluff, and very promising words about decentralization, but nothing concrete to actually use. I simply don’t believe that Ethereum has any users because there is nothing to use, even for me as a “poweruser”.

My conclusion is that it’s not a real thing. If I’m wrong, please tell me where exactly on the official website that they mention or link to the “Bitcoin Core” software of Ethereum.