blockchain – What does the HOMERPEPE issuance transaction actually contain?

Since NFTs are being discussed a lot lately, I got curious about HOMERPEPE and how it’s actually constructed.

Here’s the link to the token on

I followed the link to the transaction that issued this token, and the actual transaction details are here:

And the transaction includes this data:


scriptPubKey (asm) OP_RETURN OP_PUSHBYTES_51 

scriptPubKey (hex)


I gather that OP_RETURN is used to basically publish a message on the blockchain, and OP_PUSHBYTES specifies that it’s 51 bytes of data.

But what does this data actually contain? How should I interpret this if I want to understand what HOMERPEPE actually consists of?

*: apparently including the OP_RETURN data caused StackExchange to prevent my submission of this question ¯(ツ)/¯