bluetooth – BT headsets with no lag

I have a Logitech H390 headset on my trashcan MP. These are quite nice for general purpose telecommuting and gaming. I find many sets clamp onto your head and are very uncomfortable for long use, the H390 is much softer fitting.

However, the H390 is corded, and the cord is long enough that I run over it with my chair, causing the headset to get yanked. Now it’s broken – they are not terribly strong to begin with, and fall apart even if you don’t yank them. So I’m looking for a BT set to avoid this particular problem.

Poking about here I see posts about sound delays in BT speakers. Is this also a problem with headsets? Is anyone out there using an entry or mid-level BT headset and can confirm/deny that they work OK and have no lag?