bluetooth pairing – Pair and Connect to a BLE device from inside an app behaves differently on Pixel 3a and 4a

After migrating from a Pixel 3a to a Pixel 4a (both running Android 11), re-connecting the GoPlus (a BLE accessory) in Pokémon GO now requires two more actions, first a notification “Pairing request” where I need to click “Pair & Connect” and then I need to press “Pair” on a popup in the middle of the screen “Pair with Pokémon GO Plus” (where I can decide if I want to share contacts and call history). Unfortunately, Niantic un-pairs the device after one hour, so when you want to reconnect, it is no longer paired in Android.

This is the exact same app running on the exact same version of Android, but on a device “one generation” newer. It seems strange that there would be a difference in how this works?

Is there some kind of permission I can grant Pokémon GO with “pm grant” from an ADB shell, or some other setting I can change, to just allow Pokémon GO-initiated pair and connects to BLE-accessories without user interaction?

(“dumpsys package com.nianticlabs.pokemongo” shows that both devices already include android.permission.BLUETOOTH and android.permission.BLUETOOTH_ADMIN under “requested permissions”).