– Why is Booking.basic a good option compared to third-party platforms?

I’ve recently come across several articles where unhappy hotel managers blame for introducing Booking.basic service with no possibility to opt-out. As I understand it, if can find a lower rate for an hotel via a third-party platform (e.g. CTrip), they now show this rate as a non-refundable offer on, and if a customer chooses it, then proceeds with a reservation via CTrip on their behalf.

I understand that hotels lose a part of their income because Booking.basic interferes with their yield management. On the other hand, they don’t get to pay a fee to (as would have been the case with direct booking), so in the end it’s really up to the customer to decide if they want to pay more and have proper support from and get the cheapest room with no possibility to cancel or make special requests.

Is Booking.basic a safe option (considering I’m OK with a non-refundable room and have no need for special check-in times or extra bed for a baby), or should I spend my time looking for that lower price elsewhere rather than making a reservation with Booking.basic?