bookings – Ticket for Paris Saint-Germain vs. Lyon soccer match: Official second-hand resale not started yet?

I will be visiting Paris on the day of the PSG – Lyon soccer match on Sep 19. I would like to attend the match, but currently only tickets for the next match of PSG vs. Clermont are officially on sale second-hand at the PSG Ticketplace Is it because the later matches are too far away in the future? Or does it mean that I won’t get a chance to buy second-hand tickets for PSG – Lyon via the Ticketplace anymore? A quick search doesn’t seem to turn up relevant information.

If there is still a chance, when should I visit the website again to find out if second-hand tickets are on sale?

Alternatively, it seems that I might be able to register for a MyParis membership and buy the combination tickets Lyon + Montpelier or Lyon + Angers I wonder if I would then be able to resell the other ticket later via the official platform, since I would have already finished my trip by then.