Books about the development of communication, interpersonal and leadership qualities

The power of words and language sparked the desire to use his power. Think about it, when was the last time you thought about the words you used in your daily conversation?

Words have the power to motivate, inspire, imprison, hurt, and the list goes on. As a student, I understand more than many of my colleagues that effective communication brings me further than any other skill developed in college.

A leader can not be a leader unless he inspires and motivates his followers through the use of his words. A speaker can not sustainably influence his audience if his words subside to achieve what he / she wants. The power of words is not only developed for work, but also for building relationships and interpersonal skills.

I want to be able to communicate my ideas and thoughts effectively and unhindered. These barriers cause what I want to say to come to a standstill.

I thought, it's not just the words you say. So you say it when you say it and who you say it.

The power of language is so amazing, and yet in today's world the rapid communication takes over the effective use of language. I want to change that for myself, because more than ever I realize that some of the key skills are not taught in college.

Does anyone have suggestions for the effective development of language use in communication? I am looking for interpersonal, communication and leadership skills.

Please suggest books that you think fall into these categories. If you already have experience in developing communication, please let me know. I would be curious to know how words can change a person or an event, or do almost anything.