boot – How to create a bootable usb pen to install windows, now that you cant use FAT32?

My old method was simple. Get a large USB stick.

If necessary: use gparted in Linux to create a partition table. Either msdos or gpt.
Create a FAT32 partition and use a Windows machine and Universal Usb Installer .

I get the ISO image from the Microsoft website currently this one: Win10_20H2_EnglishInternational_x64.iso

Now I noticed that one of the files inside the newer ISO is bigger than 4GB so FAT32 can no longer be used.

So my question is. What procedure should I use? My machine has UEFI boot enabled and my HDD are UEFI.


Which apps or commands should I use to create the bootable USB?

PS: I’m also seeing a “missing driver required” that I never saw before when trying to install Windows10 in this same machine.