boot – installing lubuntu on nvme on legacy mobo

I cannot figure out how to install lubuntu on my nvme ssd. One issue is the legacy mobo. I did get manjaro to install and boot but cannot find a way to replicate the process in lubuntu. Can someone please point me to an articulation of the steps?

Here are the steps I used with the manjaro installer:

  1. KDE Partition Manager to partition and format nvme ssd with msdos table and ext4 fs. Mount point is /.
  2. KDE Partition Manager to partition and format a usb stick to use for booting. Structure is:

gpt table;

8mb unformatted empty space at start of stick, flagged as bios-grub;

rest of stick formatted as ext4, mount point is /boot

  1. Set installer to install / to nvme ssd
  2. Set installer to install bootloader to mbr of stick

That’s it. I haven’t been able to replicate this process with the lubuntu installer. It would be much appreciated if someone could amend my process list here to make it work for lubuntu.