boot loop – Nexus 7 2013 – stuck at android is starting optimizing apps. trying adb to get the data

I have a 2013 model Nexus 7.
It is running 6.0.1, unmodified with locked bootloader. USB debugging is on.

Battery drained to 0. Charged then the device is stuck on boot loop .. android is optimizing app X of x.
I don’t wanna lose the data so I’ve avoided hard reset.

  • I’ve wiped cache more than once.

  • I tried ADB Commands .. and while on the android is starting I can list the device and I can list the directoies ..

  • Tried adb pull /
    and it return this message.

    c:Adb>adb pull /

    • daemon not running; starting now at tcp:5037
    • daemon started successfully adb: warning: stat failed for path /proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/222/task/1208/fd/15:
      Protocol not available

Tried shell to see if I can list folders and

Adb shell ls /sdcard/sdcard
it returns the same message.

c:Adb>adb shell ls /mnt






sdcard *******************



c:Adb>adb shell ls /mnt/sdcard/
/mnt/sdcard/: No such file or directory

Is there any way that I can retrieve the data before hard resetting .. through adb or custom recovery .. or whatever.