boot – Not being able to from usb nor untibootin hard drive

I installed Ubuntu on my flash drive (From windows) and tried to restart it but it din’t load past the boot load screen (Gigabyte BIOS The newer one not that blue one, AMD X64), If I remove my usb it boots past the boot screen into Windows fine, After trying this a couple of times I was once able to boot with my USB, Them I spammed F12 To go to the boot screen but the USB did not show up on the boot list, Only the Windows and Sata SSD, This pen drive works fine to boot from outhers computers and I tried another flash drive and same ploblem so I think it’s something to do with my hadware, I tried to re-install my BIOS But as the USB did not show up I could not select the file, I did try to mess around with settings (CMS, Secureboot, UFI) But those din’t work, So I tried to use unitibotin to install Linux but this time, It din’t show up in the BIOS but when I boot into Windows it had a option to select unetibootin or Windows 10, But if I select Unetibootin to try boot into linux, It says that Windows had a ploblem loading, This user on reddit also had the same ploblem, Does anoyone know anything I can do to make Linux (Ubuntu) Boot
Edit, I din’t just paste my ISO File in the usb, I tried using rufus ethcer and unitibootin for usb but neither of those solved the ploblem