bootcamp – sooo…..i probably have screwed up big time here with my mac system

okay so it started out as an innocent thing really i wanted to change my username on the mac i changed it but not properly and neither did i have another administer account so as it happens i was logged out and i kept trying to log back in but i have windows installed on my mac as well which is set up as the startup disk so while trying to launch the recovery mode its not accessing the mac side and when i do its not accessing the recovery mode so i thought to do it from the terminal maybe but that was asking for password to launch the command which wasnt working for some reason too so i thought to just delete the windows side i backed up my files from the windows which took forever btw and then i went back to mac and tried deleting it from the boot camp assistent which asked me for administer account info and so on so i just wiped clean the disk from disk utility hoping that would delete it but now that is still there but no windows installed and im still stuck on the same issue. what do i do ? please help! oh and yes i do not know the firmware password neither do i have a time machine recovery activated!
this is my mac specs

it shows up like this no matter what i press to start the mac recovery mode