British visa is delayed by more than usual

Guys, I need all your suggestions. I applied for a UK visa on August 28, 2018 in Accra, Ghana, and in a week or two weeks later I received a letter from them stating:

Dear …………………….

Thank you for your requested visa / entry permit, which is being examined. We endeavor to process claims for non-settlement within 15 working days and billing requests within 60 working days (unless you have chosen a Priority Visa service).

We can not resolve your application within these service goals because editing your application was not straightforward. We assure you that we will process your application in order to make a decision as soon as possible.

Please do not visit the application center until you have been contacted by the VAC.

Yours sincerely
Croydon DMC

After this email, I did not hear from them until I contacted them over the phone in the last 3 weeks, which I paid by credit card, before she spoke to me and apologized for the delay.


Thank you for contacting the UK Visa and Immigration International Contact Center.
We apologize for the delay in processing your application

I have forwarded your case to the appropriate department. Please give us 15 working days before contacting UK Visa & Immigration
International Contact Center, if you do not receive any further correspondence.

Your patience is greatly appreciated.


UK visas and immigration

After talking to them, it was three weeks after this conversation, but it was still heard by them, and today is January 19, 2019 and unauthorized application on August 28, 2019.
Well, guys, I'd like to withdraw the application and request a refund of my application for this coming Monday, January 21, 2019. Because they will not process the application and they will continue to delay, and I need my passport to travel for work in the south Africa and Botswana until next month.
But also means I should give them some time and it will be successful, or could it be that my passport is lost with them?
I urgently need some advice.