brute force – Is there a tool that allows be to bruteforce windows dialog of some program?

Basically this is a recovery operation for a forgotten password of some specific windows program.

I can open the locked file in the program and i can click a button from a dropdown menu to unlock the file, which will open up a popup window that you can enter the password.

-If the password entered is correct it will close the dialog box meaning the file unlocked successfully

-If the password entered is wrong it will popup a new dialog telling you the password is wrong

Basically i need a program that manipulates the mouse/keyboard and enters passwords and checks what was the dialog box result.

The other quicker solution is probably to load the program in an IDE that can bruteforce directly by jumping to the same instruction point to retry passwords quickly but sadly i have 0 experience on how to do this.

And the last option is to reverse engineer the encryption so that a hash can be extracted/generated and use one of the common cracking programs to hack it (again i don’t even know where to start doing something like this)

If anyone is interested these 2 are the same files, one original the other one is the same but with the password: “nitrus” used to lock it:

Kind regards