BUG in One Page Checkout

Is someone else experienced the same problem below?
First, I’m adding an item to cart and following the basic procedure to buy something (as usual). Like below;

add an item to your cart,
go to One Page Checkout,
fill email and address info,
select shipping options and payment method

Before buying the item, I’m removing it from the cart 🙂 Then I’m adding the same item to cart again, and go to checkout page again. This time system puts email and shipping details to necessary places. I can also see that shipping type is also selected (as before). But shipping cost is not added to total. When I click “PLACE YOUR ORDER” system gives “The shipping address is missing. Set the address and try again.” error message. But address is over there already 🙂 As it can be seen below
enter image description here

Is there a way to update the shipping cost in order summary automatically ?