Build order from a dependency graph (Python)

Below is my attempt at the challenge found here. The challenge is “Find a build order given a list of projects and dependencies.” Already given are the classes Node and Graph (which I can add if anyone needs them to help review my code), and also

class Dependency(object):

    def __init__(self, node_key_before, node_key_after):
        self.node_key_before = node_key_before
        self.node_key_after = node_key_after

I came up with the below:

class BuildOrder(object):

    def __init__(self, dependencies):
        self.dependencies = dependencies
        self.graph = Graph()

    def _build_graph(self):
        for dependency in self.dependencies:

    def find_build_order(self):
        processed_nodes = (n for n in self.graph.nodes.values() if n.incoming_edges == 0)
        if not processed_nodes:
            return None
        num_processed = len(processed_nodes)
        num_nodes = len(self.graph.nodes)
        while num_processed < num_nodes:
            for node in (n for n in processed_nodes if n.visit_state == State.unvisited):
                node.visit_state = State.visited
                for neighbor in list(node.adj_nodes.values()):
            processed_nodes += (n for n in self.graph.nodes.values() if n.incoming_edges == 0 and
                                                                        n.visit_state == State.unvisited)
            if len(processed_nodes) == num_processed:
                return None
                num_processed = len(processed_nodes)

        return processed_nodes

When I timed it against the solution given here, mine was ~4.5x faster. This was surprising, as throughout completing the challenges in the repo, I usually have approx same runtime as the given solution, or worse.

I’d like to know if the above is pythonic, is it readable and how would you improve it? Also, I have deliberately left out comments – which lines in this should probably have a comment to help others understand it? Thanks!