Building a custom SQL 2017/2019 containers on a windows server without internet

I am in bit of a predicament,and would appreciate any help to move forward from my current situation

I have been given a VM running on Windows Server 2016 with Docker Enterprise installed. My management wants to have SQL 2019 with docker on windows containers runnning within this VM. This is a POC project. The VM does not have any internet connection, and therefore, I am unable to pull the base image from the docker hub. I know that there are SQL 2017 developer editions available. What can be done to make sure that i can go ahead with having a container in this situation? Especially when the VM does not have any internet connection?

What I tried doing was to download a SQL 2017 Developer edition on my local machine running Windows 10Pro, and then moved the container image onto the VM. But when I tried to load the container, i got an error message saying that “Host OS does not match”. That is when I found the website below

Please suggest as to how i can create an image in such a situation

Thank you so much