buses – From Colombia to Ecuador by bus

This is quite a bump to an old thread, but it may serve someone.

There are buses leaving from Cali (they have to pass trhough Popayan, but I don’t think they stop there) to Quito and Lima. The company name is Ormeño.

From Popayan to Cali is a relatively short ride (2 hours in a bus), and you can contact Ormeño at Cali’s Terminal de Transportes. The contact information I could retrieve is this, I’m not sure if it’s accurate as of today:

Dirección: Terminal de Transportes de Cali, Calle 30N Av. 2A ­ 29, Local 200
Contacto: (2) ­6617083 / (2) 6687868 - / 314 633 2436

Please remember that Colombia’s country code is +57.