business – How has the coronavirus lockdown affected your photography?

Alexander here.

I’m an expat from Germany, living in Denmark and not a professional photographer, but my photos are used on our blog ( and for the products we sell. We blog in German about Denmark and Scandinavia, and our visitors are mostly Germans with love for the Scandinavian countries.
I mostly do landscape/seaside photos, but also a bit people and the occasional private wedding photography. But, as already mentioned, that’s not my major income.
In the lock down I had the chance to take pictures of e.g. empty beaches and cities, which normally would be alive with tourists. Our trip to Norway was special, because we were the only non-Norwegians travelling the country. It was a special feeling.
For our blog, which is our side-business, it gave a big push in publicity, because nearly all the tourists had to cancel their summer holidays, and thus were longing for pictures and news from their beloved travel destination, Denmark.
So, while it was, and still is, a serious pandemic, for my photography it meant some chances, not existing before. Personally I think, it had a huge negative impact on how we feel and move around in the public, and on our feeling of being free.
You’re welcome to send me a message, if something is unclear. English is not my first language, and I had to write this down in a hurry.