Business – What are the expectations of assisting with the transfer of development to another contractor after the termination of my contract?

This might be better for another site, but I could not find one that matched the interface between software engineering and company standards. My main concern here is something that I thought was a business norm: a few hours of post-delivery collaboration when a new developer gets the job done.

I was hired as a subcontractor for a project. This project was continued for several months in active development and was aborted (very abruptly) without notice – literally "billing your remaining hours and goodbye".

The code base has been passed to the super client, as well as the running Heroku instances. I also noticed that my customer received some support requests – basically about an hour of phone conversation with the new developer to let him know about what was happening.

I always thought that adequate handover assistance – one or two hours on the phone to give a brief overview of the code, how it was arranged, why it was arranged, current issues, etc. – was a norm. But my client refuses to do that. I'm worried about how professional he looks (or rather) and how this can reflect me as a subcontractor.

The situation is compounded by the fact that at a later stage in the project lifecycle, it was decided to move from the subcontractor to the contractor. My client essentially moved from a software development contract to a contract to lead a team of contractors that evolve. I have not been directly approached by a super client, but now I have my own technical relationship with him and would like to plan in advance if he would like to reach me.