Buying – Non-VoIP US Voice/Text/SMS Verifications | Only $0.50 | Huge Inventory

Whether you need one verification or thousands of verifications, we can help you with instant verifications starting at just $0.50. is a non-VoIP US phone verification service that has helped users complete millions of verifications.

All of our numbers come directly from major US carriers. We provide temporary numbers as well as rental numbers for long-term use. Our SMS/Text and Voice verifications work for all major apps, survey sites, rewards programs, and websites:

Venmo, Tinder, eBay, MoneyLion, Gmail, Google Voice, Uber, Hinge, Twitter, Instagram, Craigslist, Facebook, WhatsApp, SwagBucks,, MTurk,, PayPal, Outlook, Azure, Amazon…you name it!

For details on all the features we offer (and we constantly add more!), head over to:

Additional Features:

  • Area code filtering
  • Subaccount management
  • REST API integration