BYOIP / BGP sessions, server in LA region?

Hi, I’m looking to bring my rented /32 v6 IP space onto a datacenter (routed, announced by their network since I don’t have an ASN) located in Los Angeles. I was using Vultr for over a year, but they kicked me off for excessive bandwidth usage… So I need a provider with unmetered bandwidth, either 4 (4 core) servers with 1 GBPS unmetered ports, or a single server with 16 cores or higher and a 5 GBPS+ unmetered port (with my prefixes routed to them, I can try to do the BGP sessions myself if necessary). If you can do this for me, or know a provider who can, let me know. Please be aware that I will be using a lot of bandwidth 24/7, with a lot of open connections. Bare metal/dedicated servers are fine. $500-$600/mo budget, preferably less. We can test it out for a day (I can pay a little in advance and you can keep it even if it doesn’t work out) if you want to check if it’ll put too much stress on your edge router.

So far I’ve contacted several providers on trying to find someone who can do this, but the ones that have replied so far aren’t in my preferred region and are pretty expensive. I also posted on reddit, and they told me to post here.