c++ – Career advice for Electronic Engineering student going into Software Engineering?

I am an electronic engineering student and wish to purse a career as a software engineer. I still have 2 more years of my degree left. I was wondering which modules should I select to improve my chances of landing a software engineering job once I graduate university.

So far these are my module choice for this academic year(2021-2022):
1- Embedded Systems: Learning C++ and designing embedded systems.
2- Digital Control: Using MATLAB/Simulink for PID controller design.
3- Electronic system design with FPGAs: Learning and implementing digital circuits using VHDL.
4- Power Electronics: Learning about brushless motors, buck converters and other high voltage machines.

The other option I have is choosing Digital Instrumentation module over Power electronics. In that module I would learn about programming in C and implementation temperature sensors in digital devices. What do you think?

Is there any advice you guys can give me which would help me land a software engineering job post graduation?