c# – .exe File Only Launching on Some Computers

I believe that my problem is very specific, so I will try to be as detailed in my steps as possible.
Here is what I did, as follows:

1.) I have a Visual Studio 2019 solution containing 3 projects, all .Net Core 3.0. two of them are console projects, and 1 of them is a Winforms project; the Winforms project is the main project. I got this Winforms project to be .Net Core 3.0 by using the FixDotNet program and converting from .Net Framework to .Net Core.

2.)All of my code runs perfectly fine, so I was ready to compile and publish my project. The whole publishing a self-contained project kept giving me an unknown error, so I decided to publish it using a different route. I used Advanced Installer 17.9.

3.) I downloaded Advanced Installer 17.9 (a trial version), and did the standard steps to create a .exe installer for my solution.

4.) Once my installer is done being created, I run the created program installer and install my program into a folder. I run the program and it works perfectly fine. But I want to make sure that it runs on other computers. I don’t want to use an installer in general; I just used it to originally install the files. Instead, I zip the folder that I installed the files to, and use this as my “complete program.”

5.) I run the program on a separate Windows 10 computer (the computer I originally ran my program on is Windows 10 as well). I click the main .exe file to launch my program, just as I did on the original computer, and the cursor changes to the loading cursor. Nothing happens though. The program doesn’t run, no notifications, nothing.

6.) I try on a Windows 10 VM. Same thing. So I install .Net Core 3.0, and try again. Still the same thing. Loading cursor, then nothing.

Alright, so after seeing all these steps, what is my problem? Why will the program work when I install it on the PC that I programmed it on, but not on other computers? Thanks in advance for the help!