c# – How does Adobe Photoshop have custom close, maximize, and minimize buttons on Windows 10? What language or framework does it use?

I am getting into desktop programming and I want to know which language/framework should I use for windows desktop programming. For macOS, I have decided on Swift and for Linux, Java + JavaFX. But for windows, I can’t pick between C++/WinRT + Win32 or C# with UWP (mostly, a bit of WPF). I already have basic knowledge of C# + XMAL and I am also fine with working hard learning C++. My main concern (at this moment) is that with UWP, I cannot create my own custom close, maximize, and minimize buttons like Adobe Photoshop has (see screenshot below). Their title bar is also thinner than other apps. What do they use? What would you recommend?

enter image description here