c# – How to export code from Unity in form of dlls?

I have a Unity project (2019.2.17f1) where I have more than 30 assembly definitions inside the asset folder, I would like to export them as dlls for use in other projects and maybe for the asset store.

However, I can’t find a way to do that.

Previously I had all my code in a Visual Studio Solution outside Unity, but references with UnityEngine dlls always were buggy and caused a lot of time lost to fix them every time. Also the debugging experience was null. By migrating those project to assembly definitions inside Unity I managed to fix those problems, however, this created a new one.

I need a way to export my code in form of dlls (with their xml documentation if possible), both in Debug + UNITY_EDITOR flag, and in Release without UNITY_EDITOR.

How can I archive this?