c++ – How to sample two textures onto the same object?

I have to reproduce an effect which consists of combining two textures (tiles + coin) to achieve the following:


The best result I achieved so far:


Visual Studio Solution to reproduce the problem

The link above will take you to the project and here what I tried to do in the pixel shader:

float4 PS(PS_INPUT input) : SV_Target
    float4 color1;
    float4 color2;
    float4 blendColor;

    // Get the pixel color from the first texture.
    color1 = texTile.Sample(samLinear, input.Tex) * vMeshColor;

    // Get the pixel color from the second texture.
    color2 = texCoin.Sample(samLinear, input.Tex) * vMeshColor;

    // Blend the two pixels together and multiply by the gamma value.
    blendColor = color1 * color2;

    // Saturate the final color.
    blendColor = saturate(blendColor);

    return blendColor;

But it does not seem the right way of doing this.
Which aproach should I take to have the expected result?