c# – Loop Improvement based on string key comparison

I have this function which is fire by an event, this function is almost called by 52 times, and inside the function there is loop which loop consists of 1-7 iteration for each function call. I want to improve it, please see my current improvement in the comments:

  protected override void MsgReceived(MessageFormat msgRecevied)
        if (kafkaMachinePartData != null)
            //Remove whitespaces from keys for accurate comparsion
            string receviedKey = StringOperation.ReplaceWhitespace(msgRecevied.key, "");//Remove whitespaces from received key

            for (int i = 0; i < kafkaMachinePartData.KafkaMachinePartDataKeys.Length; i++)
                ClsKafkaMachinePartData kafkaMachinePartDataKeys = kafkaMachinePartData.KafkaMachinePartDataKeys(i);
        //unimprove version
                //string objKey = StringOperation.ReplaceWhitespace(kafkaMachinePartData.KafkaMachinePartDataKeys(i).dataKey, "");
        //Improve version
                string objKey = StringOperation.ReplaceWhitespace(kafkaMachinePartDataKeys.dataKey, "");
                if (objKey == receviedKey)//compare object keys with recevied keys
                   //Unimporve version
                   //kafkaMachinePartData.KafkaMachinePartDataKeys(i).uiLabelDataValue = msgRecevied.value;
                   // kafkaMachinePartData.KafkaMachinePartDataKeys(i).uiLableSourceTime = msgRecevied.sourceTime;
                   //imporve version
                    kafkaMachinePartDataKeys.uiLabelDataValue = msgRecevied.value;
                    kafkaMachinePartDataKeys.uiLableSourceTime = msgRecevied.sourceTime;
                    break;//break the loop for improvement

Is there anyway available to improve this?