c # – Switch between screens with MonoGame.Extended – ScreenGameComponent

I'm trying to put together a very simple game base based on MonoGame. Extend from the documentation and tutorials that I can find on the internet.

For starters, I wanted to set up the various screens in the game.
I have come this far:

                public class SomeGame: Game
private read-only GraphicsDeviceManager graphics;
public static SpriteBatch SpriteBatch;
public static WindowViewportAdapter ViewportAdapter;

public EvoDevoGame ()
graphics = new GraphicsDeviceManager (this);
Content.RootDirectory = "Content";
IsMouseVisible = true;

ScreenGameComponent screenGameComponent = new ScreenGameComponent (this);
Components.Add (screenGameComponent);

screenGameComponent.Register (new SplashScreen ());
screenGameComponent.Register (new MenuScreen ());
screenGameComponent.Register (new SinglePlayerMenuScreen ());
screenGameComponent.Register (new CreateWorldScreen ());
screenGameComponent.Register (new GameScreen ());

I'm trying to figure out the dynamics here. How does the game or screen manager know which screen is displayed and how the screen is switched? I'm a little bit in the dark about it …