c # – Use an array name to create a multi-dimensional array with the names of the arrays and a value

I have several arrays, each containing specific elements. I want to compare each of these arrays with an array X to know how many elements each array has in common with X. Then I want to create a two-dimensional array with the name of the array and the found set of errors. When I pass the name of the variable, the two-dimensional array understands that it needs to retrieve its contents (name would be string and its contents int).

                int [] Group_A = new int[] (01, 07, 14, 20);
int [] Group_B = new int[] (03, 07, 20, 25, 35);
int [] Group_C = new int[] (02, 11, 14, 21, 70);
int [] GroupX = new int [] (03, 07, 25, 35);
line [] Groups = new string[] {Group_A, Group_B, Group_C};

foreach (String m in Groups)

int[] search = m.Intersect (GroupX) .ToArray ();
int qtde_pesquisado = searched.length;
line[,] Groups = new string [][]    {m, qtde_pesquisado.ToString ()};

How to solve I have to do that because there is a group of 30 compared to the same default group.