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Hey guys Brad here wanting to share Cafe Discussions with you. It’s basically a general discussion forums but the type of topics we have vary giving us a broader and more wider range of ideas and topics to post about. We recently changed domain names from my old site Mind Piff. I found one of the best and most fitting domains I could ever find on and decided on changing the domain from Mind Piff to No progress was lost and the site was simply migrated with redirects on the old one.

We are using Xenforo 2, the same software forum promotion uses. I am also using my MostEverOnline add-on I created myself to show the Most Users Ever Online at once as well we are using UI.X Classic by Themehouse for our default style. There is also a moon icon on the light style and and a light bulb icon on the dark style in the header for easy alternating as there is also a dark theme. We some good add-ons too including one that is very good at keeping bots off the site the @Ozzy47 made. Shout outs to him. Also customized the node icons with custom premium icons.

But aside from the theme we have topics ranging from gaming all the way to politics, religion, movies, music, web technology, programming, and even paranormal and aliens. It’s basically a very wide range.

Interested in hearing what you guys think. Thanks for having me :D