Calculation method with complex result

I have a method that calculates the price that a particular seller receives for an item.

Simply put, it checks whether we have prices for this particular supplier. If not, check if we have prices for this particular supplier group, if not, you will get the normal price.

There are several possible results here:

nothing found
MultiplePricesFound = a mistake in our data 
Vendor is in multiple groups = user needs to pick the group

Instead of simply returning a double or null or -1 to indicate an error, I'll create a class that looks something like this. I do not want any typos in my result, so I've made it a bullet.

public class PriceResult {
   double Value;
   PriceResults Result;
   Dictionary VendorGroupPriceDictionary;
public enum PriceResults {NothingFound, Success, MultipleVendorGroups, MultiplePrices }

The dictionary contains the different provider groups and their corresponding prices.

That will work. However, I have created a new class and enumeration that is likely to be used by exactly one method. This feels a bit over the top for me.

I wonder if this indicates something? Do I have to simplify the calculation method?