calculus – Using the parameterization for a curve in the xy-plane to calculate the line integral

My question is:

Find a parameterization for the curve in the $xy$-plane given by the parabola with equation $x = y^2.$

Using this, calculate the line integral $int_C mathbf{F}(x)cdot ds$, where $C$ is the curve given by the parabola $x = y^2$ from $(0, 0)$ to $(9, 3)$, and $mathbf F$ is the vector-valued function (or vector field) $mathbf{F}(x,y) = (x^2,y^2) = x^2mathbf{i}+y^2mathbf{j}$.

I understand what the question is asking for but I have no idea where to begin and how to proceed. Would extremely appreciate any help!