Can a smartphone light meter app be used for 120 format cameras?

I’m shooting on an old TLR with medium format 120 film.

So far I’ve been using this app on my phone to calculate the shutter speed I need to use for a given aperture and ISO when using the camera;

However, this app makes no mention of if the values it gives are meant for full frame, APS-C, or 120 medium format sensor/film. In fact I’ve been Google’ing for quite some time and cannot find any light meter apps that mention sensor/film size and haven’t been able to find any articles online that tell if I need to compensate for it when calculating exposure with a light meter like this.

When I compared that app to my 35mm Nikon F100 light metering, the results seemed comparable. However when I compared it to my APS-C Fujifilm X100T, the app was reporting exposure settings twice as fast as what my camera said.

I’ve already shot several rolls on the 120 format TLR with that app’s meter settings, now I’m wondering if the settings used were appropriate.