can i get help me balancing my homebrew?

The Winged Dragon of Ra

Gargantuan elemental/dragon (unaligned)

Armor class 20 (Natural Armor)
Hitpoints Special
Speed 40ft (Walking) 65ft (flying)

STR16 (+3) DEX18 (+4) CON18 (+4) INT18 (+4) WIS30 (+10) CHA18 (+4)

Divine Sacrifice The winged Dragon of Ra gains 50 permanent hit points for each person used to summon him. although he has 0 hit points because of this ability he will always start with a minimum of 150 hit points because to summon him you need 3 sacrifices. You are allowed to give additional sacrifices when you summon Ra to strengthen him.

Devoted Followers All willing allies of The Winged Dragon of Ra within 300ft of The Winged Dragon of Ra gain a +1 to all wisdom checks.

Keen Sight The Winged Dragon of Ra has advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that relay on sight.


Godly Smite This attack gains 3 damage for every sacrifice (max 20) used to summon Ra. The base damage of 1d10 radiant damage. Ra has a proficiency of +6 on this attack. This attack does radiant damage.

Talons 1d8 slashing. +4 proficiency. Range 10ft
Ariel Assault this attack does 1d12 bludgeoning to the opponent and 1d4 to The Winged Dragon of Ra. +1 proficiency. (Ra takes the 1d4 regardless of success or fail)